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    Talent resource is the first resource for enterprise development. Xingyuan attaches great importance to the development and training of talents and unswervingly takes the road of "learning enterprise". By building a learning organization, advocating the common growth of enterprises and employees, taking strengthening the construction of talent capacity as the core, innovating the talent working mechanism as the driving force, optimizing the talent environment as the guarantee, continuously deepening the reform of talent management system, improving the overall quality of talents, optimizing the allocation of talent resources, developing the internal and social resources of enterprises, cultivating and condensing all kinds of excellent talents, and Efforts should be made to transform the advantages of talents into the advantages of scientific and technological innovation and management innovation. Make efforts to make Xingyuan become a "brand enterprise that attracts and agglomerates talents, trains and trains talents, expands and achieves business, and employees are willing to work".
    Training principles
    The training and development of Xingyuan is guided by the company's strategic development, based on the post evaluation system and employee performance management system, actively carry out the division of labor and responsibility of all departments at all levels, implement in layers, and carry out the training of enterprise culture, business knowledge, post skills and comprehensive quality for employees in a planned way, so as to make the training more targeted and effective. And to combine education and training with practical training as a means to focus on training modern enterprise talents.

    Training objectives
    Strengthen the construction of talent team, strive to cultivate a group of talents who represent the industry level, master the core competitive technology and have rich management experience, constantly enhance the innovation ability of Xingyuan, and build a talent highland in the electronic industry. A good fashion of respecting labor, knowledge, talents and innovation will be formed in Xingyuan. Through the construction of learning environment, the construction of learning organization, through training and development to improve the comprehensive quality of employees, to meet the long-term development needs of enterprises, and to strengthen the competitiveness of enterprise talents.

    Training system
    Xingyuan has gradually established, improved and improved the management system of talent training and cadre education, and gradually formed a comprehensive, three-dimensional, multi-level talent training and cadre education and training model. Provide more extensive, diverse and flexible learning opportunities and resource platforms for different types of talents of the company. Through various kinds of training, broaden the vision of talents, improve the comprehensive quality and professional ability of talents. At the same time, through the organization of various internal forms of post training, short-term training, special lectures and academic exchanges, to promote the quality and skills of all types of talents. And according to the changes of the internal and external environment of the enterprise to enrich and improve.
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