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    Investigation and analysis report on the current situation of intelligent controller industry in China Time:2017-8-11 Click:
    According to statistics, the global market scale of intelligent controller industry in 2012 is close to US $680 billion. From the perspective of geographical distribution, Europe and North America are the two major markets of intelligent control products, with market scale accounting for 56% of the global intelligent control market, mainly due to their relatively mature market development in the fields of small household appliances, automobiles, large household appliances, electric tools, etc., and high product popularity, Europe and North America will continue to occupy the main market in the next few years Market position. The application of intelligent control products in developing countries such as China is still in its infancy. At this stage, the market scale is not large, but the growth rate is high, and there is a huge development space. According to statistics, at present, the scale of intelligent controller industry in China is 420 billion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of nearly 19% since 2004. Automotive electronics and large household appliances are the traditional main application fields of electronic intelligent control products in China, with market share of 31% and 10% respectively. There are many kinds of small-scale household electrical appliances. At present, the application of small-scale household electrical appliances intelligent control products in our country is not popular, and it is in the high-speed development stage with huge market space. In addition, the rise of emerging areas such as electric vehicles, intelligent buildings and home furnishings will also drive the rapid growth of intelligent controller demand.

    According to the report on the investigation and analysis of the current situation of China's intelligent controller industry and the forecast of the market prospect (2016 version) released by China industry research network, the industry of intelligent control products has a large product difference and scattered production capacity due to the decentralized demand of downstream manufacturers, so the overall concentration of the global intelligent control product industry is relatively low. According to the market scale and technical strength, the global intelligent control product manufacturers can be divided into three grades: the first group: leading in technical strength, with markets all over the world, providing high-end intelligent control products and services to global multinational electrical and machine manufacturers, mainly including British Invensys and German daiao, etc.; the second group: medium-sized intelligent control manufacturer, with its own technical research The development team can independently develop and provide intelligent control products and services according to the needs of customers, and has the potential to compete with the first group, with the main manufacturers including Topbond, Yingtang intelligent control, horetai, jinbaotong, etc.; the third group: small and medium-sized intelligent control manufacturers, lacking in product research and development capacity, in a relatively weak position in the competition.
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