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Analysis on the market prospect of direct drinking water machine Time:2018-9-23 Click:
Water is the source of life and the foundation of health. Water is the basis of human beings, animals and plants. Without water, there is no life. About 60% of the human body is water, and human civilization has always been closely related to water. Water has always been the symbol of our blue planet, and life on land has also come from the evolution of marine life.   

The metabolism of human body, nutrition transportation, digestion of food, regulation of body temperature, elimination of waste, circulation of body fluids and lubrication of organs are all inseparable from water. Water has the most direct relationship with aging, immunity and longevity. Therefore, the quality of water determines health, and water and life cannot be separated.

Today, however, the current situation of water pollution is startling. How about the water quality of urban tap water in China? At present, China's tap water still uses the lower water quality standard (gb5749-85) 20 years ago. Even if it reaches the standard, because of the aging of the water supply network, the water quality will be "secondary pollution", and the drinking water is far from the standard that tap water in some developed countries can be directly drunk. With the improvement of living standards, people's demand for water health is more and more urgent. People are looking for the best solution of water. Because of this, this kind of demand has created the largest and the most lasting growth space and growth rate in our national economy. It can be said that the growth rate of the clean water market is consistent with the income growth and population growth, and it also lays a solid foundation for the direct drinking water machine to become the replacement product of the clean water market.

The direct drinking water project has the project advantages that other projects cannot reach:

First of all, the deep purification of tap water belongs to environmental protection and health industry. In the popular book "fortune fifth wave", Dr. piltz, a famous economist, said: in the 21st century, the health industry is the industry with the most investment value. Because human beings are faced with the situation of serious food imbalance, aggravating pollution and increasing pressure, the environment is being damaged and health is being threatened. The idea that everyone wants to be healthier and younger, and that prevention is better than treatment, has become popular. Water is closely related to people's life. As many families as there are, there will be as much market. The direct drinking water machine solves the drinking water problem of thousands of families.

Secondly, the advantages of bottled water in the water market for many years are gradually disappearing, and its defects are exposed. Because of the need to buy water, wait for water, carry water, and in the circulation process is easy to be secondary pollution, coupled with the limitations of use, people are urgently looking for new generation products. This kind of demand breeds a huge direct drinking water machine market.

Third, another advantage of operating direct drinking water machine is high profit. In addition to the advantages of franchising without intermediate links, it is also closely related to consumers' purchasing psychology. As the saying goes, health is priceless, and consumers who buy such products generally pay more attention to quality than price. So it's easier than running other industries.

Finally, the development of China's direct drinking water industry is still in its infancy. After years of market cultivation, people's awareness of the direct drinking water machine is constantly improving, and the market demand is huge, but the product supply with accurate positioning is relatively lagging behind. In developed countries, such as the United States, Japan, Israel and so on, the penetration rate of household direct drinking water machine is more than 50%, while that of China is less than 5%; the active mineral direct drinking water machine upgraded on the basis of direct drinking water machine is almost blank. The direct drinking water machine will become another necessary durable consumer goods after the color TV, refrigerator, washing machine and other household appliances.

Market characteristics:

However, at present, according to the level and quality of China's national economic development, the healthy drinking water industry has the following distinctive characteristics:

First, the consumption base has been expanding. With the increase of income, more and more people have the consumption ability and propensity to buy the direct drinking water machine. At the same time, the consumption group presents the development trend of high income, high level and high education. The extensive demand of consumers is the wealth source of operators.

Second, with the development of information dissemination, people can learn more about the current situation of water pollution from more channels. This makes consumers urgently need to change their current drinking habits and seek solutions for healthy drinking water.

Third, group buying activity is also an important feature of the industry. Considering the obvious advantages of water quality, cost and convenience, many enterprises, institutions, institutions and schools are willing to purchase direct drinking water dispensers in batches to solve the problem of public drinking water.

Fourth, the diversification of people's demand for water has prompted the direct drinking water machine to enter into various fields, including beauty, medical treatment, food processing, etc. The unique advantages of the direct drinking water machine in turn can drive the development of other related industries.

Fifth, the state's continuous investment and policy inclination in the environmental protection industry also create a good external environment for the development of the direct drinking water machine market.

Business opportunity:

However, the development of the direct drinking water machine industry is not ideal, people still have a lot of vague understanding about the sales channels and market forms of the direct drinking water machine. The blank market, especially the regional market, needs to be developed.

Business opportunity 1: as the pollution becomes more and more serious, people pay more and more attention to the safety of drinking water. Due to the backward development of traditional state-owned water supply enterprises and lack of financial resources, it is difficult to solve the problem of drinking water pollution for urban residents in a short time. In June 2005, the Ministry of Construction issued the new standard of water quality for urban water supply (CJ / T206-2005). However, due to the local financial difficulties, most areas, except a few, are difficult to be fully implemented. At last, they can only stay in the form and become nothing. Such a huge system transformation project, only relying on state investment is far from enough, we must absorb a large number of private capital, in order to finally solve the problem. Therefore, the prospect of water treatment market is very broad.

Business opportunity 2: after years of market cultivation of direct drinking water machine, the market is becoming mature, the product quality is stable, the production cost is further reduced, and consumers have higher and higher awareness of water supply and direct drinking water. This makes it possible for the direct drinking water machine to enter thousands of households.
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